Gravity Gems

Gravity Gems 1.10

You have to create rows of five or more gems of same color to make them explode
1.10 (See all)
Sproing Interactive Media GmbH

The objective of the game is to create rows of five or more gems of the same color in order to make them explode. The gems can enter the board from both sides - they will refill the occurring gaps. There are gems with special abilities as well: joker gems can be matched with any color; filler gem dissolves the gem it is inserted into and places that gem above its place; rockets blast a complete row (only if an indestructible stone is not obstructing their way); grenades blast the gems of a chosen color; and indestructible gems simply cannot be destroyed. There are different game modes: with time gems you play against the clock - you have to prevent the meter from reaching the bottom or the game will be over; with classic mode exploded gems earn points and you advance to the next level when the meter reaches the top; tactical mode is a game of strategy and the last one is puzzle mode where you have a limited number of gems and special items so you have to think better about your moves. The game has a tutorial for you to learn how to play.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can play 4 different game modes


  • The Trial version can be played only 40 minutes
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